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Residential Engineering Wexford

Residential Engineering requires a varied and broad skill set. A major motivation for us is Energy Efficiency in the home. We decided we wanted to extend our Residential Engineering knowledge further, to an International level. We visited Countries such as Austria, Germany and Canada where the housing is so diverse from one country to the next to broaden our knowledge and skill-set in Residential Engineering and energy efficiency.  We did this because we wanted to provide our Customers with the best cost effective and reliable service.  Energy efficiency has proved to be a cost-effective strategy in both the Home and in Commercial Buildings as reducing energy use reduces energy costs.

We have extensive experience of air tightness detailing having worked on a number of Passivhaus builds. We have achieved air tightness results of 0.3 Air changes per hour which is 50% of the desired criteria for a Passive House. We also provide certification for lending institutions, carry out structural surveys and apply for planning permission. Why not view our extensive residential gallery from the portfolio drop down menu above.

Our team of Residential Engineers are ready to guide you with your next Residential Project. 

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